Open Your Hands

Right now, how many things are you balancing? I’m guessing you have numerous responsibilities, activities, duties, hobbies, chores, and jobs that you need to accomplish on any given day. I know I do. Most of the time my hands feel so full I’m afraid I’m going to drop everything at once in a big pile of life mess.

It doesn’t matter if your’re a working mom, stay at home mom or somewhere in between, you have A LOT going on. And more often then not, even with our full hands, when another opportunity presents itself, we keep adding things to the weight we’re already carrying, without letting anything else go. Eventually, we get tired.

I was listening to a podcast the other day, and it was an interview with someone I had never heard of before. (Although maybe you have.) Shelley Giglio was talking about using your gifts, and she gave the picture of standing with open hands to God. She explain this image of standing with open hands ready to receive whatever calling or responsibility God decides to place in your lap. But she also explained how our open hands demonstrates us giving back to God what he decided he will take away from us.

That picture struck me so deeply, and it got me thinking. Part of my struggles of this past year might just come from thinking I know better than God.

Receive Gifts from God

We are so richly blessed by God, and often times, we don’t even see it. Our Heavenly Father has blessed us with possessions, kids, talents, gifts, callings, and yes- responsibilities. Everything we have and do belongs to God, and he allows us to manage it for him for a given time.

Often we forget that what we have and what we do belongs to God. We forget that he is the one who gives us everything, and we begin to believe that we are in charge of whether or not we can do certain jobs, or have certain blessings. We close our hands to God, thinking that we have to do it ourselves.

Open your hands! Trust in God’s promises that he will bless you! Will it always look like you imagine? Probably not! In fact, I’d venture to say your life will NEVER turn out how you planned or expected, but it will be so much better! When you trust in  God’s plan, you may find that he places things in your hands that you never counted on. I never could have imagined some of the things God has placed in my hands, yet how amazingly and richly I’ve been blessed!

Most of the time, we aren’t worthy of any of the positions he has called us to do. But often, God accomplishes his will through broken men and women. No matter what he calls us to do, we pray that everything we do points back to him. We are moons, reflecting the light of the only, life-giving Son.

Letting Go, Letting God

I often think of I certain quote I’ve seen floating around the internet: There will come a day I can no longer run. Today is not that day. Running is something that I love do to, and something I believe I’ve been blessed by God to do. But, as that quote reminds me, I may not always have that blessing. There may come a time where God decides I will not run anymore.

When our hands are open, not only do we receive blessings form God, but we let go of the things he has decided aren’t ours to manage anymore. Since everything we have belongs to God, he decides how long we get to manage it. whether it’s money, our possession, or even our children.

Yet how often do we think we have the right to decide what we want to be blessed with and what we don’t want? This is something I am so guilty of. I want to do everything and so often, I hang onto things that aren’t mine anymore. This past year has thrown this idea into such sharp relief.

After all the stress and burn out of this past year, I finally realized I have to give some things up; open my hands and let God decide what is  mine to manage and what isn’t. This includes giving up some of my teaching duties and reevaluating my running to focus on other blessings and responsibilities God has placed in my hands.

Sometimes opening our hands and letting God can be painful, but no matter what may happen, what God ordains is always good. His will works for the good of those who love him.

Open your hands and open your heart to trust in the Lord of all.

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