I’m Cathryn Free and I’m a writer, children’s author, and teacher.

I write fiction and nonfiction for children and teens (and some for adults). My work has appeared in Unlocked, East of the Web, and Smartpants Magazine, with several titles forthcoming from magazines like Muse and Frostfire Worlds.

As a teacher, I love sharing what I’ve learned about writing and offer plenty of resources for teachers and students, like my Free Writer’s Workshop!

My goal is to create books, stories, and articles that get kids exciting about reading and marvel at the world around them!

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5 Mistakes You Make when Researching for Your Writing

Research is a key ingredient in writing. Even if you’re writing contemporary fiction, there will be things you need to know so your story is believable. Research is unavoidable. You need to do it. Research is CRUCIAL to historical fiction, nonfiction, or papers and essay for academic purposes. In fact, it’s probably the biggest hurdle… Read more 5 Mistakes You Make when Researching for Your Writing

Writing and Illustrating

I’m the kind of person who likes to do everything herself. I don’t buy things I can make, or pay for services I can do myself. It’s probably a huge character flaw, but that’s just my natural tendency. Aside from my writing goals this year, I’ve stumbled upon a new project I’m messing with right… Read more Writing and Illustrating

My Life in Squares!