I’m Cathryn Free and I’m a writer, children’s author, and teacher.

I write fiction and nonfiction for children and teens (and some for adults). My work has appeared in Muse, Youth Imagination, Unlocked, East of the Web, Cricket and Smartypants Magazine, with several titles forthcoming.

As a teacher, I love sharing what I’ve learned about writing and offer plenty of resources for teachers and students, like my Free Writer’s Workshop!

My goal is to create books, stories, and articles that get kids exciting about reading and marvel at the world around them!

The Dive, feature in Cricket, May/June 2021

The Real-Life Bat Man, featured in Muse, January 2021

Project Europa, featured in Youth Imagination, November 2020

How to Write a Cover Letter

Tips to show you how to write your best cover letter and get a piece accepted! So you have written a piece–maybe a book or a short story–and you’re ready to submit. But wait! You noticed on many submission guidelines that they request a cover letter. Just when you thought you were done writing, you… Read more How to Write a Cover Letter

Free Writer’s Workshop Wednesday: Homophones

This Wednesday’s Writer’s Workshop is all about Homophones Ah, homophones. Funny word for a confusing topic. Homophones are a strange nuance in the English language, that even native speakers struggle with. Some of these homophones occur so frequently in writing, and it’s a glaring error. Whether you’re submitting a piece to an editor or a… Read more Free Writer’s Workshop Wednesday: Homophones