Thoughts and Coronavirus

It’s been about a week since the coronavirus has taken over seemingly everything, and the phrase, “social distancing” entered our vocabulary. The world seems to have lost its mind. Shelves are emptied of toilet paper and flour, people are walking around in masks, and those of us who committed to NEVER teacher our children (points to self) are now homeschooling.

For me, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between utter panic at the thought of being trapped inside my house without toilet paper as the world around me collapses, and complete confusion as to why this is such a big deal.

But I’m not here to argue or debate whether or not we should be quarantined and social distancing. I’m doing my best to stay away from people–which is remarkably easy when you live in the middle of nowhere.

Rather, I just want to write about everything that’s in my head and on my mind, share with you some encouragement, and connect with you in the only way we can right now: through technology.

Be Still

As we navigate this weird and difficult time, one passage keeps going through my head:

Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10

It’s such an interesting command isn’t it? Be still. Stop moving. Stop rushing. Stop being so gosh-darn busy. Just, be still.

It’s easy to ask “Why is this happening, God?”, but maybe it’s as simple as God’s people need to BE STILL. We need to reconnect with our families, our priorities, and OUR SAVIOR. Yes, this time is scary, but we are not abandoned and forgotten about. Your Father is still with you, still watching over you, still loving you, and he could be using this time to draw you back to the things that matter.

The Things that Matter

Perhaps in our busy hectic lives, we’ve forgotten so much of what is truly important, and this sudden change in our world is the push we needed to focus on family, our faith, and others. (And some of you need to think of other when you shop for toilet paper–just calling it out.)

Find Opportunities to Worship

I actually think God is using this to give some churches, congregations, and believers the shove they needed to start thinking outside the box in how we meet people. Tech and the internet are incredible tools and this forces us to adapt. There are so many live streaming services, online devotions, bible studies, podcasts, etc. You can find something and surround yourself in the word.

Serve Those Who Need It

One thing I want to focus on is serving the people who have a much harder situation than I do. Think of those living alone, or in nursing homes who are some of the vulnerable to the virus. How can you and your family serve them? Make care packages of reading materials and notes for those trapped in their homes alone. Send letters, devotions, cards, or crafts to those in nursing homes. (Call ahead first and make sure they will accept it.)

Get Creative

Paint, write, draw, or color with your kids. Do a craft or a house project. Rearrange your family room. Learn a new skill like baking bread or sewing. Use this time to grow and better yourself.

My personal way to de-stress.

Spend Time Together

There is no excuse for not having the time to spend with your family now. Play a games, watch a movie, read together, or go for a walk. These are simple things that, when your children look back at this time in their memories, it won’t be a scary memory, but a sweet one of all the fun stuff you did together.

We’re in This Together.

Anxiety some times grips me when I think of all the things that COULD happen. It’s scary, but here’s the great thing. You are not alone in this. I am not alone in this. Not only are we together (albeit apart, #socialdistancing), but we have the comforting assurance of our Heavenly Father through all of this.

We will be okay.



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