Writer's Workshop Wednesday: Object Complements

Today’s workshop takes a look at object complements and how to identify them within a sentence.

(Just in case Direct Objects and Indirect Objects weren’t confusing enough.)

What is it?

An object complement is a noun or adjective that occurs after the direct object. It renames or modifies the object

How is it used?

The object complement names what the direct object has become as a result of the action of the verb.

We elected him captain.

If the word is a NOUN we label OCN (object complement NOUN)

We considered the employee honest.

If the word answers “What kind?” is it an ADJECTIVE, and we label OCA


The committee appointed him their bookkeeper.

The judge in this difficult case definitely considered him an expert witness.

The high humidity in the middle of the summer made sleep difficult.

The citizens of our town proudly elected Joseph mayor.

The archbishop of York find Scottish lepers disturbing.

Let me know if you have any questions about object complements and I will do my best to answer prompty!

You can watch the full lesson here.

Purchase the slides here.


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