Picture Book Review: Diary of a Spider


Diary of a Spider

Author/ Illustrator:

Written by: Doreen Cronin/ Illustrated by: Harry Bliss


Picture book, realistic fiction

Year published:



Funny book written in diary style about the life of a spider.


I love this picture book for so many reasons. First of all, it’s funny! This book takes a look at a creature that many can find squeamish or scary and not only does the author make the spider relatable (differences between friends, bullies, manners at others’ houses), but she also brings humor in just about every day of the spider’s diary:

Today was my birthday. Grampa decided I was old enough to know the secret to a long, happy life: Never fall asleep in a shoe.

Doreen Cronin

Another wonderful element is the way the author weaves in facts about spiders in a way that fits the story.

Mom said I was getting to big for my own skin. So I molted.

Doreen Cronin

Possible issues:

Possible issue if children (or adults) have a fear of spiders, but I actually think the book is warm and funny enough to help ease any fear of spiders.

Classroom application:

This book would be awesome to incorporate into a unit on living things or insects and arachnids. It’s full of nonfiction, accurate details, and even some great vocabulary words like “molting”.

You could even integrate it with writing by incorporating diary writing or journal writing in your writer’s workshop.

Grab this super fun book for your classroom or next read aloud!


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