Project NaNoWriMo: When the Going Gets Tough

Holy cow, things are getting hard. My writing is nowhere near where I would like it to be, and I’m frustrated with myself. And maybe, if you started this NaNoWriMo project with me, you can relate. Because writing is HARD.

Why is it so Hard?

I don’t think it matters what you write, eventually you get to a point where it is extremely difficult. Whether that’s because you’re mentally fatigued from pouring your thoughts onto paper day after day or because it is emotionally exhausting to dredge up private, painful details to draw on. It’s hard. It takes a lot of discipline, focus, and battling self-doubt to actually write.

Self-doubt can be crippling. It can be paralyzing, and I’d be willing to bet it’s why a lot of people don’t push themselves to their potential–writing or otherwise. You have to overcome the voice in your head that is constantly telling you that you are not good enough.

Give Yourself Permission to Write Badly.

Well, maybe you’re not good enough. Maybe I’m not good enough. But we’ll never know unless we try. So cut yourself a giant piece of slack, and give yourself permission to write badly. Use the adverbs. Use the “thought words.” Use bad dialogue and tell instead of show. At least at first. You can always go back and make it better before you show anyone your writing. Or, you never have to show anyone.

If you wait to write until it’s perfect, you may never finish NaNoWriMo or anything else for that matter!

Remember Your Why

If you started NaNoWriMo, you must have wanted to write a book. Why? What is your reason? Is it because you want to share your story? Because you need the creative outlet? Because you want to challenge yourself to something you didn’t think you could do? Go back to that reason and remind yourself of why you started and get gritty about finishing.

It’s so blasted hard. But we can do this. The end is in sight, and on the other side of November, you’re going to be so glad you stuck with it.

We can do hard things. Let’s finish this book!


2 thoughts on “Project NaNoWriMo: When the Going Gets Tough

  1. Stuart Danker says:

    I take writing badly to the next level. In fact, I tell myself that I’m going to write the worst manuscript in the world ever. That usually frees me up to type whatever I want. Then I go back to it realising that it wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be. Great stuff here!

    Liked by 1 person

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