“Peace at Gunpoint” Published in Guide Magazine

My latest piece “Peace at Gunpoint” was published in Guide magazine.

Sometimes months can go by before I actually see an accepted piece in print. In fact, I had almost forgotten about this piece until I saw the envelope in my mailbox! It was exciting–it’s always exciting to see your name in print next to something you worked hard on, and this was no different.

I had originally written this essay years ago for a submission for Chicken Soup for the Soul, and the original title was “Angels.” (I know, I know. Titles are hard, man!) It’s the true story of a scary experience I had as a teenager. I worked at a party shop that was robbed at gunpoint, and I shared the entire experience in the essay.

It’s in the January 2022 issue of Guide and is illustrated by Chris Danger.

What was it like working with Guide?

Overall it was a good experience. They were prompt, clear, and communication was brief but to the point. The response time was with in the normal range, and the I received the payment sooner than I thought I would. (Some places pay a year or more after publication.) The time from submission to final publication was about a year. (Remember, publishing takes a long time.)

Would I recommend working with Guide?

Absolutely, but it’s not for everyone. Guide does not publish fiction, and they are a Christian magazine which is not everyone’s target market. But if you have an inspirational, true story, consider Guide. Just be sure to read and follow their guidelines.

From “Peace at Gunpoint”:

My first thought was that one of her friends must be playing a practical joke. Why else would someone come flying at her?

Find out more about Guide magazine here!


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