“Light in the Dark” Published in Keys for Kids Magazine

My latest devotion is in Keys for Kids magazine!

As a teacher for many years and a mom of four, I know my way around a children’s devotion or two. Often times, I can find them a bit didactic, or even, well… lame. Let’s be real, devotions in general can often fall into two categories: cheesy or fluffy. Neither of which I enjoy. But for children’s devotions, it can be very difficult to strike that balance of holding their attention while still communicating important Biblical truths without sounding preachy.

I’ve worked with Keys for Kids in the past, and for the most part it’s been a very good experience. I’ve written several devotions for various ages, and while it’s tricky (see the aforementioned reasons) I still find it worthwhile and enjoyable.

When I sit down to write a devotion, I almost always start with either the passage or story that leads to a Biblical truth. In my recent devotion, “A Light in the Dark” I thought about the picture given to us in the Bible of Jesus as the Light of the World, and even God’s Word being “a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” From there, I created a situation in which the light was gone, creating some tension that led into the comparison of light.

What was is like working with Keys for Kids Magazine?

As I said, I’ve worked with them in the past and for the most part it’s been good. It is a paying market and the payment is prompt. You received a couple of free copies of the magazine your devotion appears in, and communication channels are open.

I did have a snafu this time around in regards to my paperwork and payment (much like my previous experience with Muse and Touchdown.) But we were able to resolve it quickly and relatively painlessly.

Would I recommend submitting to Keys for Kids?

Yes, but only if you’re interested in writing devotions for a Christian market. Keys for Kids has a statement of beliefs and things they look for in devotions that I would definitely check out to make sure you agree with their beliefs. The Christian market is not for everyone, nor should everyone write for it, but if you are a Christian and want to reached children with God’s Word, this could be a great fit for you.

You can check out Keys for Kids magazine here, or read their submission guidelines here!


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