39 Weeks: Are we there yet?

At this point, being so close to the end, you’d think that it would get easier, since the finish line is in sight.

Not so much.

In fact, I’m at the point of wanting to pull my hair out in anticipation of this little girl’s arrival. I feel like I’m nowhere near ready for her (but let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone is every fully ready for a baby to arrive), but I’m so ready to not be pregnant anymore.


At my last doctor’s appointment, she did inform that things were progressing; now it’s just a waiting game. The past days have been filled with bursts of energy and incredible fatigue, not to mention two days of contracting with nothing more to show for it.  (which believe me, is the most frustrating thing – let’s just do this already!) Sigh.

So while I’m waiting oh so patiently (yeah, right) for labor to begin, I’d thought I’d share a few exercises that can help bring labor on, or encourage labor to progress. (Not that it’s been working for me, but I will keep trying!)

Please note: I’m am not a medical professional and a natural induction of labor should never be attempted without a doctor’s permission. That being said, NEVER try to induce labor before baby is full term. (39 weeks.)

  1. Walking: Now if you are able to continue running to this point, congrats! Keep it up! I however, completely converted to walking two weeks ago. I could tell baby had dropped and was really throwing my gait off, so I switched. It stopped being a workout/exercise/fitness thing and became a “Let’s get this baby moving down” thing. Walking helps baby get into the proper position: down and engaged in the pelvis. With baby’s head pressing down on your cervix, it might encourage labor to begin or continue if it’s already started. Maybe. I’m not really proof of that.
  2. Bouncing on an Exercise/Labor ball: This is the same general idea as walking: the bouncing will help baby move down and encourage dilation. Just be sure to exercise caution since exercise balls can be a little tricky to balance on. But it’s a super easy task to complete in front of the TV.
  3. Squats: I could sing the praise of the squat all day. Turns out this exercise for your lower body can also help bring labor on. Squatting can help open your pelvis, move baby down, and decrease labor time. Not bad! I’d been using weights while squatting, but now I’m focusing more on quantity rather than weight. No matter what, get down and do some squats.
  4. Climb the Stairs: Again, the motion helps get baby down and pressing on the cervix. I also think the gravity must have something to do with this.  There’s no need to sprint up the stairs, but climbing up and down could  move things in the right direction. If nothing else, it should give you a nice butt workout.
  5. Make Whoopie: Yes, I’m totally counting this as an exercise. I’m sure we’ve all seen the Friends episode where Rachel is past her due date and the doctor suggests they try the “one that’s been proven most effective – sex.” You can read the science behind it here, but I’ll just say, it totally worked with my first. If nothing else, your husband will soon be going through a 6 week (or longer) dry spell. Couldn’t hurt to show him a little love.

All that being said, Baby Girl will come when she’s ready and not a moment before. I just pray that she comes sooner rather than later, since things are getting just a tad uncomfortable. In the meantime, I’ll keep working hard, and maybe make sure the nursery’s totally prepped.


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