Facing Failure: What You Can Learn from Failing

I just started training for marathon number four. The past three marathons have been absolutely terrible, so much so, I’ve questioned whether or not I should continue. Sometimes I wonder why I keep going after things that I fail at. And, oh yes, I have failed at many things.

It hurts. It really hurts to fail at something. Whether it’s work, school, weight loss, or romance, any time you take a chance at something and miss the mark, it stings. It hurts so badly, that most people don’t try something just to avoid the horrible pain of failure.

I have failed at writing, trying to start a business, running a marathon, among so many other things. And what’s crazy, is I’m STILL PURSUING some of these things.

I’ve failed at writing. I’ve received enough rejection slips and emails that I could wallpaper my office with them. Yet, I’m still going after it, and to make this even scarier: I’m doing it in front of people.

I’ve failed at running, specially the marathon. I’m training for my fourth marathon, and I have shared some of my horrible results in previous marathons on this blog. What if I blow up and bomb again?

I’ve had enough failures that a sane person would probably throw in the towel and quit.

I honestly couldn’t tell you why I keep chasing after the things that I’ve failed at, but I can tell you this: failure isn’t fatal.

It feels like it, sure. But every time I’ve taken that hit, even though it hurts, I grow stronger. I become more resilient. Failure is a forging fire that strengthens iron.

The same is true for you.

If you’ve failed at something, know that two things are absolutely true: 1. You’re human. 2. You’re courageous.

Failure hurts, but it makes you more resilient. It stings, but it teaches you something. And then, when you go back again, you adapt and change, until maybe, one day, you succeed.

Don’t let failure stop you. Have the courage to continue.

Maybe this will be the time we succeed.

– Cathryn


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