Don’t Believe the Lie

A few weeks ago, I was able to go to a really nice salon and get my hair cut and colored. Because my husband and I had received some gift cards, I also got my eyebrows done and my lashes tinted.

I walked into the salon, and was welcome by the cheerful smile of the receptionist, the soothing smell of essentials oils and quality hair products, and the beat of the hip music playing overhead. Immediately I felt relaxed and excited. I was about to be pampered. By the time I was all done, I felt like a rock-star or some fabulously wealthy woman.

I love getting my hair done. Not just because it is a time where I don’t have to do anything or think anything, but because when I’m finished, I feel pretty and confident.  I smile, I want to go out and be seen, and I share my joy with my family.

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But I probably only get to the salon about once a year.

Part of it is because I’m busy, and life just happens. As moms we have a million different things to keep track of, and we feel like we’re trying to herd cats. Or our day feels like we’re trying to squeeze too many articles of clothing into a small suitcase.

But part of it is because, I feel like that’s not my life. That I’m not the kind of woman who can just go get her hair done and can spend money or time pampering myself. And there’s a sense of guilt with that.

Why is it as women, we have such a hard time taking care of ourselves? I’m not just talking about taking regular trips to the salon, or getting our nails done, or shopping for some updated clothing. (Because I really shouldn’t still be wearing a maternity shirt when my baby is almost two, even though it’s so dang comfortable.) I’m talking about taking time to take a relaxing bath, or taking time for hobbies we enjoy, or taking time to do something to better our health.

We are moms. We are so used to putting everyone else first, and that’s a wonderful thing! You should take care of you kids and your husband, but not at the expensive of your health and sanity.

I think we have the tendency to believe that we are not worth taking care of. That we are “just a mom” or “just stay at home” or “not helping to support the family” so we don’t deserve anything. This is a lie!

Don't Believe the Lie - Copy

Satan will use these lies to wear you down, slowly but surely. Because, in truth, by our natures, we are worthless! We are disgusting creatures, slinking around in the sickness of sin. And Satan will remind you of that over and over until you believe him and believe that not only are you undeserving of your family, your health and your blessings, but that God will never love you or forgive you because you are so worthless.

Lies from the father of lies!

Because while by our natures we are sinful and worthless, Christ has put a value on us: priceless. He purchased us with his own blood, washed us clean, and made us his. Not because we were worth it, far from it! But because his love for us is infinite. And it’s his love for us that gives us value.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this_ while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Your value is immeasurable! You are worth more than you can even imagine. And no amount of lies can take that away.

Since Christ’s death as put such a wonderful value on your life, it’s your privilege to take care of it! I’ve shared before about what a gift our bodies are and the fantastic responsibility we have to take care of our bodies. This extends to all ares of our lives!

So stop feeling guilty for wanting a moment to talk a walk or read a book, once the kids are in bed. Don’t feel guilty if you leave the dishes in the sink because you need a bubble bath to recharge and calm down. Don’t feel guilty because you took a moment to get your first haircut in a year.

Part of taking care of those around you is taking care of yourself, too. I don’t mean be selfish and ignore your family or their needs, but taking time to incorporate activities that bring you joy or help your mental state is not selfish.

When those feelings of guilt or worthlessness creep in, remind yourself that your worth is not based on what you do or don’t do. It is sealed in the innocent suffering and death of your Savior.

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you found this helpful, it would mean so much to me if you would share this post. Thank you for your support!


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