Honoring Your Gift

I have a hard time shopping for presents for boys, and my second son’s 4th birthday was no exception.

I thought and search and hunted, trying to find a gift that he’d enjoy, but that I could put up with. (No noise and flashing lights, please!) After what felt like years of searching for the perfect gift, I finally landed on some that I thought would be a hit.

I found a toy bow and arrow set. Now, growing up, I loved pretending to be Robin Hood shooting a bow and arrow in the “woods”/cluster of trees behind our house. I still have fun with archery, today.

So when I found this little gem, I was ecstatic. I wrapped the little toy bow, excited to see my son’s face as he opened it on his birthday.

After pizza and cake with bright blue frosting, he started opening presents, exclaiming after each discovery, “Just what I wanted!” When he got to the bow and arrow, I was practically giddy with excitement. He was going to love it!

When he finally opened it, he took one look and said, “What’s this?”

“It’s a bow and arrow!” I said. “Isn’t it cool?”

He paused for the smallest of moments, and then said, “Here, E, you can have it.” And proceeded to hand it over to his brother.

I was crushed. I mean, it was funny, but I was crushed. How could he not love the amazing present I picked just for him?

It got me thinking. How often do we do that to God?

Honoring Your Gift

You Have Gifts

Each of us is blessed with numerous gifts: singing, encouraging, athleticism, painting, empathy, good with numbers, natural writers, intelligence, people skills, etc.

These are specific gifts that God created in us to serve him, bless others, and use to the glory of God in his kingdom. When we fail to use our gifts to honor him and bring him glory, we demonstrate poor stewardship, but when we use them, we are edified, God is glorified, and others are blessed. It’s a wonderful thing!

Many of us realize our gifts, and enjoy them greatly. Whether singing or painting, encouraging or coaching, teaching or running, we receive joy through the daily use of our gifts, whatever they may be. And yes, you have SO many gifts!

But I’d like to talk about a God-given gift you may not realize you have. Your body.


Your Body is a Gift

Our bodies are gifts. Amazing, miraculous, created gifts. Whether we’re young or old, big or small, sick or healthy, our Heavenly Father has blessed us with these awe-inspiring, complex, incredible shells.

Stop and think for a moment. Have you ever wondered about the complexity of our DNA and the functions it serves on a day to day basis? When you stop to think about the impact that DNA has on our bodily functions, and how one tiny shift or change in your chromosomes or DNA can lead to sickness, cancers, disorders, or death, isn’t it jaw-dropping?

If we think about it, the intricacies of our bodies is unfathomable! We are a walking billboard of God’s awesome power and love!

Yet, how often are we like my little four-year-old looking at the gift God gave us and saying, “Eh, I don’t like it that much.” Or worse, we hate it. We loath it. Instead of bringing us joy, our bodies bring us pain and grief.

I get it. Oh, do I get it.

But through his design and purpose, God created that body specifically for you. And yes, it’s imperfect, but remember all the glorious things it can do!

It can heal itself after a sickness, injury or surgery.

It can house and grow little, created human beings!

It can move, run, dance, laugh, cry, hug, love, grow, work, snuggle, and support.

It can lift toddlers off the ground, or run marathons, or comfort a sick baby.


Your Body Shouts the Praises of Your Creator

Your God-given body is a testament to your Creator! And I encourage you to start loving and honoring your body. Imperfect as it may be, it was created just for you, no one else! Love it, take care of it, be grateful for it. Use it like any other gift: to bring glory to God, to bless others, and to bring you joy!

Honoring God with your body means taking care of it, just as we are to do with all of God’s creation. It means we honor God in how we speak of it and how we dress it. It means we show love and grace and thankfulness even if our bodies cause us pain, fail us, or aggravate us.

God’s gift to us shows us his insurmountable love! He created it just for you, for his specific purpose.

So forgive your body and show it kindness. Nourish your body and put it to work. Rest your body and let it heal.  Love your body with grace and humility, as the wonderful gift it is.

Thank you so much for your support! Please share with someone who needs to here this!

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