Half Marathon After Baby

Well, if there’s anything I’ve learned about motherhood and training it’s this: You cannot control anything. This is what real life training with four kids looks like, and I just have to roll with it.

My training was thrown completely out of wack the past two weeks, and it’s been crazy. First, I got sick, then the baby got sick (which means no sleep for me). I was tired, and worn out.

My second week of training was cut short; I skipped the long run completely. I originally had hoped to push the run to the following Monday, but I made it four miles before I was coughing and hacking so much that I threw in the towel.

I did manage to recover and get back to some real runs, but it definitely hasn’t been easy.

Week Three

Monday – horrible 4 mile run
Tuesday/ Wednesday – off, rest
Thursday – 30 minutes Pilates
Friday – 4 easy miles
Saturday – 8 easy miles

You can see where I started to feel better on Friday and picked the miles back up. By then it had been about a week of no quality running. (I don’t count Monday since I probably didn’t help my body at all.)

Week Four

Monday – 3 easy miles on the treadmill
Tuesday – 40 minute bike and 15 minute weight training (upper body)
Wednesday – quality run: 1 mile warm up 3 miles @tempo (9:15-9:20/mile) 1 mile cool down
Thursday – rest
Friday – 4 mile easy run and Pilates
Saturday – 8-10 miles easy

Next week we are out of town, and I wanted to get a quality week before we left since next week I will probably be running what I can when I can. If I can get somewhere between 15-20 miles for the week with one run of 6-8, I’ll feel happy with that. It’s always so hard to get in some decent runs when you’re on the road.

There’s a little over a month until the half marathon. The good news is mentally, I feel good and prepared for the race. This hasn’t always been the case for me. I’ve often struggled with the mental side of racing. My big challenge will be making sure I still get the training I need when life with four kids happens.

How’s your training going? I’d love to hear if you’re having a better time than I am!



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