5 Effective Workouts You Can Do in 15 Minutes

One of the biggest hurdles I hear from moms trying to better their health is the struggle with time.

“I just don’t have time.”

You know what? You’re probably right! Between house, kids, laundry, jobs, laundry, school or church responsibilities, laundry, and husbands, we don’t have time. But I’ve come to the conclusion that we simple will never have enough time to do all the things we want to in a given day. That’s just a fact. We only get twenty-four hours in a day and we get to decide how we choose to use that time.

15 Minute Workouts

Every Little Bit Helps

I think one of the hurdles for choosing to workout during some of our precious time is we have it in our minds that we have to dedicate a ton of time to it. That a workout doesn’t count unless it’s an hour or more. That is simple not true.

Moving your body – even a little bit! –  is always a benefit. True, you will see greater results with slightly longer workouts, and especially with increased frequency. But don’t get discouraged with an all or nothing attitude. Every little bit helps!

5 Workouts You Can Do in 15 Minutes

With these workouts, go at your own, steady pace, and modify if needed. Take breaks as you need to and try and keep moving for the full time.

Before starting ALWAYS check with a doctor before trying any new exercising programs. I’m neither a doctor nor a fitness professional. I’m just a mom who’s sharing her quick workouts. If you need help with some of the movements, ask a fitness professional for assistance.

The Basic

Short on time and want to hit everything? This one’s got your back. Basic functional moves that will hit your entire body.

The “Basic” (1)

The Grilled Peach

This one will hit everything in the lower body, including your peach. Use proper form and go at a steady slow pace.

the grilled peach (1)

The Sexy Back

The back is my absolute favorite area to train. Makes me feel so strong and powerful. Often neglected, having a strong back is so crucial for other movements like running.

The Gun Show

This one hits all the muscles in your arms. Don’t be afraid to pick up some heavier dumbbells; you need to build muscle if you want that “toned” look.

Copy of The “Basic” (1)

The Burner

A quick cardio burn to get that heart rate up. You could also run for 15 minutes (my preference), but if you hate running, this will get the job done.

Copy of The “Basic” (2)

Give any one of these a try! Start with one round and work up from there. But you can fit exercise into your day, even with limited time!

Fifteen minute workouts to do at home


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