5 Ways to Stay Active on Vacation

Ah, summer. The wonderful time of trips and vacations and fun. It’s the time when people leave their normal life behind and go someplace exotic for a break from their regular lives. But if you’re anything like me, you may worry about the break from your regular workout/training routine but don’t want to be bound to an actual training schedule. What’s a girl to do? Do not fear! There are plenty of ways to stay active on vacation, without feeling like you’re bound to a strict workout schedule; after all, you’re on vacation!

No matter where you’re headed this summer, there’s an activity for you!

Resort Sports

If you’re headed to a nice resort this summer, take advantage of all the activities they offer. Swim some laps in the pool for a relaxing way to start the day. Play tennis! It’s a easy and quick way to have a fun workout.  Hit the links! Golf can be a nice and easy way of getting some activity if you forgo the cart and carry your own clubs.

Water Sports

Heading to the coast? The water offers so many ways to stay active! Swimming, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and skiing are all fun and still give you a workout. Trust me, after skiing for a few hours, you’ll be sore.

Mountain Sports

If your going to a cabin in the mountains, the terrain offers plenty of exercise for you. Hiking and mountain biking are two fantastic ways of seeing the beauty of creation while maintaining and fitness. Hiking is one of my favorite activities to do over the summer, and you can bet I’ll be hiking on vacation this year.

Walking Tours

If you’re headed to the city, the easiest and simplest way of staying active is to walk. Everywhere! Some places offer many walking tours that you can take while sight-seeing. When I was in London, I took a walking tour of all the “scariest” places in London. We walked all over, and because you’re distracted by the tour and the sights, you don’t even realize all the miles you cover!

See the Sights on a Bike

This summer, my husband and I are headed to Hilton Head, SC, and one thing I plan to do it rent some bikes and tour the island on bikes. Fast, easy, and fun, renting a bike to sight-see is a simple way of staying active on vacation. Many places rent out bikes, especially if you’re in a very touristy location.

No matter where you’re headed this summer, there’s a way for you to stay active! Enjoy your vacation without neglect your fitness by trying one or all of the suggestions above.


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