Marathon Training: Week 3

In a week full of Valentines and Ashes, sugar highs, and somber moods, I was able to find a nice rhythm. It helps that the weather warmed a little bit, and that makes running a lot more bearable in the winter.

It also helped that it was a very short week at school; teachers’ conference was on Thursday and Friday, and as a part time teacher, I do not have to attend. That means some time at home to catch up, slow down, and spend some time with the family. I’m always happy to have a day of two off school in the middle of winter.

As I mentioned last week, I really had a goal to make sure I stayed hydrated. I think I managed it much better this week. I definitely noticed a difference in my runs, but there’s always room for improvement there. I also wanted to start weight training again, and I did – to my downfall.

Tuesday after school I decided to lift my legs. I love lifting heavy weights and we have a nice little set up in our house. My husband lifts, and we purchased a bar, squat rack, bench, and rubber weights for him. I LOVE using the bar; I feel so strong and tough when I do.

I started with squats, 3 sets of 8 reps of 65 pounds. They went fine, and I really focused on using my glutes and hamstrings so those are weaker than my quads and I want to balance the muscles out to prevent injury. Next I moved on to dead lifts. Now, I love deadlifts, but I’m not as comfortable doing them. My weight-lifter husband can usually correct my form and tell me how to do them properly. He wasn’t home. As a result, I ended up putting to much strain on my back (rookie mistake!). I was really  mad about that, and my foolish mistake, because I had to take the next day off of running to make sure that I don’t exacerbate an injury. Lesson learned- never lift without husband present.

I also backed off mileage this week just to let my body recover a little. Next week it’ll pick back up again.

I was also ever-so-gently reminded by a member of my running group, who also happens to be a running coach, that I should probably slow down on my long runs and easy runs. The sad thing is, I know this already. I don’t know what it is that make my ego take over and want to push the pace. I’m going to end up burned out or injured if I don’t make slowing down a priority.


I really want to avoid injury this training round, and a lot of what I focus on are things to prevent injury. I have a tendency to let up on stretching, lifting, rolling out muscles, and resting because I run out of time. But with the beating and pounding that my body will be undergoing in the upcoming weeks, I really need to make it a priority.

How to Train for a - Copy (2)

Weekly Training

  • Monday: 5 miles little slower than goal marathon pace (8:50)
  • Tuesday: 6 miles at around goal marathon pace (8:43) and lower body weight training that led to a big “oopsie” moment.
  • Wednesday: Rest day
  • Thursday: 5 miles a little faster than goal marathon pace. The weather was warmer and it felt awesome! Managed a 8:30 pace.
  • Friday: 3 mile easy run on the treadmill (about 9:30) and upper body weight training.
  • Saturday: 10 long run nice and slow (about a 9:43 pace)
  • Sunday: Rest Day

I’m noticing that I have quite a few runs near goal marathon pace. I probably need to start changing things up a little.

Next week the mileage will pick back up and build for three weeks before I take another “break” week.  There are several other people in my running group that are also training for marathons, so that should help keep me accountable and focused.

Goals for the Week

  • Slow down on easy and long runs
  • Use proper lifting technique
  • Recovery intelligently
  • Refocus nutrition

What are your goals for the week? Are you training for anything or starting and new workouts? Reach out! I’d love to hear what you’re doing!


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